TaskTimer X - Cloud

Save money, help your business become more agile!

Software in a Box-(SaaS) or Software as a Service is a way of providing the same software to different customers via a network, usually the Internet. The software is not hosted on the customers’ individual computers, nor is the customer responsible for the hardware that delivers the service. In this instance Mobipro takes care of the creation, updating, and maintenance of the software and, customers pay for what they use - (only available with Public Cloud)

TaskTimer X (Cloud) Brings The Power of Information to Your Fingertips!

TaskTimer X-Cloud enables companies to do more with less, providing more value at a faster rate. Run TaskTimer Fusion, TaskTimer PMP; TaskTimer Express and TaskTimer Mobile on the Cloud, we can create a private Cloud so you can run TaskTimer along with any other management application you may already have, e.g. MS Office, ERP, Open Office, Skype, Drawings, Charts and any other existing software, no additional investment required, just use your existing hardware - no exceptions

 Works With Any Delivery Applications

Integrates with any virtual platform Microsoft Terminal Server & Hyper-V, VMware ESX & other delivering applications - Desktop to PCs, Netbooks, Notebooks, SmartPh, Mobile devices, thin clients and many other applications

Put Together a Project Team

Do it in the Cloud, create and lead a team from any place, collaborate globally in real time, send right message to the right team, organize to retrieve later, create objectives, projects and tasks  with one click delegate to others, receive updated information on projects, tasks, calendars, contacts and emails, on any device you use. Connect and work with other TaskTimer users

Organize and Manage All Your Projects

Align to Business Objectives and run Successful Projects from start to finish, work simultaneously with TaskTimer Fusion and Project Creator BPM, have processes explained step by step e.g. Initiation, Planning, Execution, Monitoring and Controlling, Project Assessment and more.. and all in one place, view resource allocation, deadlines on projects and tasks, project cost and available budget, share information, documents, notes, contacts, appointments with other users, do and undo set of actions on projects. Create, edit, assign, clone/delete tasks and projects for each employee and see activities in real time, with TaskTimer users can clone the entire project, no need to start from scratch when a project is similar to a previous one. Printing facilities on different formats from location or from the server

Collaboration Simplified

Schedule meetings sharing calendars and see other user’s availability. Global team collaboration, access to daily, weekly and monthly views including other users, link a person to many companies or companies to a person, send and receive emails directly from contact

Private/Cloud Hosting

TaskTimer X allows IT people to choose where each email user lives, whether moving the bulk of your users to the cloud or keeping a local service for the chosen few -- (e.g. users dealing with confidential information)



  • All products except for TaskTimer PIM are available to be run on the Cloud-Monthly payments can be arrange when you choose TaskTimer X-Public Cloud or select private Cloud with one payment in full, installation to your server can be done by Mobipro (optional)
  • 12 months insurance included.
  • No restrictions as many users as your company required


What About Security?

  • Mobipro solutions are all based on proven security; dual password secures access to your data
  • Different levels to access your data can be set according to your needs
  • Highly stable database
  • Data loss protection, participants receive a copy of their data on weekly or daily basis, depending on their preference (carries a cost)



  • To run an evaluation download a free delo or send us a request by email to info@mobipro.com   Need Help or more information? Contact us 


NEW-Released - Software in a Box

SaaS (Software as a Service) Run your most valuable applications along with Agile TaskTimer/ Project Creator BPM/- e.g. Microsoft Office, Outlook, TaskTimer Mobile, the Internet and more ... with SaaS! A solution that enables remote hosted applications (Cloud) to be seen in one location, as easy as.- log-in - select what you need and with a click have your business data automated, improve collaboration with users, exchanging information on tasks, plans and sharing documents with other people outside the organization, cost efficient, data loss protection, participants receive a copy of their data on weekly or daily basis, depending on their preference



TASKTIMER V11 is been released - NEW features and functionalities include:

2 Databases - one DB is been assigned just to archive finished tasks and projects, freeing up space in your working DB, retrieve the archived information when you needed - CRM a powerful feature that enables you to manage your clients and prospects relationship with maximum efficiency - Connectivity to Outlook 2010/13, synchronization varies with older versions of Outlook  - Up to 12 months Calendar - Search view and enter information is been extended to 1 year - TTDB Multiprocessor adds processing power for better response time and much more


 The Ultimate Thinking Tool “Activity Mind Mapper”  It's available to TaskTimer and non-TaskTimer users, students, individuals and corporations, do brainstorming by email to capture ideas, information and actions for projects. Lay out goals, projects and tasks, create visual maps to help you see what needs to be done. Drag and drop emails and tasks into Activity Mind Mapper and lots  more.. User friendly, full integration to Outlook and very Affordable!


NOTE: Price does not include transaction fee, this is the responsibility of the user

IMPORTANT: RUN A TRIAL before you buy / Contact Mobipro to receive a TTMobile / TTScheduler FREE trial

System requirements

TaskTimer X SecureClientGateway is preferable installed on the following Operating System:

  • Windows 2000, 2003, 2008, 2008R2, 2012, 2012R2 or 2016 Server
  • administrative permissions to have a successful installation completed
  • 400MB of free space on your drive
  • Pentium IV or faster, 2048MB RAM, more than 256 colors
  • two TCP port opened on your firewall, forwarded to TTX-server

For use in multi-user environments

  • network, based on TCP/IP with centralized server (Win2003 Server and higher) to keep TaskTimer database available for your new entries
  • at least 100MB space for TaskTimer data and permissions to setup a database server in Windows services (size of database will increase by using TaskTimer)

For Web access

  • enabled IIS with two open and forwarded ports to access TTX environment

Download View

Prices range from 195€ to 595€ (Great discounts given to multiple environments)
Activity Mind Mapper it's been released, do brainstorming by email, capture ideas & actions for projects, avail. to TT & non-TT users, download a free demo
TTV11 it's been released, includes: 2 databases (1 just for archiving) - 12 months Calendar - Search extended to 1 year - CRM - TTDB Multiprocessor - Connectivity to Outlook 2010/13 - Scroll down for more information
RUN A TRIAL before you buy

Licensing options

TaskTimer X available to single and multiple user environments-no limitations, a great choice for users with high demand on planning. For environments with multiple TaskTimer users, various kind of licenses can be combined (e.g. Express, PMP or Fusion) TaskTimer X Optimun Performance, Functionality, Flexibility & Price, used by Academic Institutions for its user friendly design.To receive a FREE DEMO license or more information contact us: info@mobipro.com


For ORDERS please contact MOBIPRO (Europe) by mail on sales@mobipro.com or visit our webshop.