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Leading the way on how the modern workforce actually works!

Project Management at its best! An advantage for people working outside the office! 

Work or lead a team from any place with access to internet. Comunicate and collaborate during all stages of the project life-cycle
Access TaskTimer Web from any browser to easily find, analyze and report all types of information about your projects!


New features in TaskTimer V11

    1. Synchronization to Outlook - transfer data from and to TaskTimer, synchronization varies depending on the existing version of Outlook
    2. TaskTimer Database Multiprocessor - more processing power, better response time
    3. Archiving -  2 Databases, one just for archiving finished projects and tasks, freeing-up space on your working db, you can retrieve the information when you needed
    4. CRM  (Customer Relationship Management) Create CRM users and manage your interactions with current and future customers, share notes, collaborate with your entire team and share information as it happens 
    5. Drop Box Menu - Easily access goals, projects, tasks, contact tasks, events, emails, message list and stay always informed on the status of your work
    6. Run 1 year search
    7. 1 Year Calendar view - from the calendar create events, appointments and tasks
    8. Emails -Invite by email non-TaskTimer users, send invitations from events and appointments, send emails from schedules, contacts, events and tasks

Project Creator Integrates with TTFusion V10/V11 only, Project Creator is available in English only

Best way to know TT is to work with it..RUN A FREE TRIAL before you buy (valid for 50 logins, include as many users as you need)

New Products

Activity Mind Mapper the ultimate thinking tool it´s been released, available to TT and non-TT users, students, personal use, academic and corporate levels, brainstorming by email, capture ideas, information & actions for projects, export all the information to TT, lay out goals, projects & tasks, see what needs to be done. Drag & drop emails & tasks into Activity Mind Mapper, full integration to Outlook. Languages: English, German, French & Spanish.

Synex the bridge between TT and Exchange

TTScheduler synchr. your TT information to iPhone 5/6/6+/7 + iPad and all newer Android-devices

TTWEB Advantages and Functionality

  • Visibility, means you can easily find, analyze and report on all types of information about your projects. TaskTimer Web helps you gain visibility of project deliverables, dependencies, schedules and changes to data.
  • Create, delegate, track and follow the state of your projects from anywhere with access to internet  
  • Access your appointments, contact-tasks, contacts, tasks and projects and share documents when out of the office, no matter the distance 
  • Follow the completion of a project, manage the activities that often follow project completion and identify specific owners for each task assignment    
  • Undo and redo multiple changes, reverse the most recent series of changes by undoing changes to projects, tasks, views, data and options, also undo actions or sets of actions on projects and tasks
  • Assign work to entire team of resources, team resources allows for work to be assigned to an entire team rather than an individual resource. Any member of the team can accept the assignment and report time against it.
  • Remove the barriers, provide your team with real time visibility on updates, comments and access to information, 
  • Conflicts, Identified project conflicts or problems and choose best corrective action
  • Develop high-level resource plans. Resource plan provide information about high-level resource allocation when detailed resource assignments do not exist; for example: in proposed and anticipated projects, task-only projects, and for projects where assignments do not accurately reflect resource distribution.
  • Share a list of your project deliverables. Deliverables are published as a list of committed dates to which other project managers can link their project or tasks.
  • Each team member can have a view and track the specific tasks they’re working on, have access to other members assigned task list, understand how far the project has progress
  • Send and receive emails
  • TASKTIMER WEB and PROJECT CREATOR BPM (Business Processes Management)TaskTimer Web is integrated in TaskTimer Fusion V10/V11, this enables the users of TTF to access the information delivered from Project Creator to TaskTimer and to easily collaborate, work and monitor the progress of your business projects from anywhere in the world with access to internet, enquire about our package , for a very low price you receive TTFusion, TTWeb and Project Creator  
Cloud: To have TTWeb connected to "Cloud" see TTX Cloud or contact us for more information

Upgrades: Different levels of TaskTimer available for upgrades to new releases. Upgrades from TTV2.0 to TTV60 require TTDB conversion from Flat DB to SQL DB, some notes and information can be lost in the process; no responsibility taken for lost information

Suitable to: Single users and multi-user environments

Security: Mobipro solutions are all based on proven security, encrypted password, very stable database 

Improve performance: TTDB Multiprocessor improves response time and the ability of the database to deal with large amounts of data, avoiding the delays cause by extra loading and multiple users working together. Works with XP 32bit, TT DB OS Start, Window 7 / 8 /10 - 64bit


TRY BEFORE YOU BUY..no refunds

  • FREE TaskTimer Demo valid for 50 loggins, to keep all the information entered in your TaskTimer Demo, purchase a license before end of trial, to run a free Demo of TTMobile / TTWeb Cloud, TTX Cloud, Project Creator for more information or help send us a request to: info@mobipro.com Installation not included


NOTE: Price does not include transaction fee, this is the responsibility of the buyer

***Archiving works only with TTSQL DB          TIP! When your work is finish click “Done” (available in TT)

System requirements
  • TaskTimer Web is integrated in TaskTimer Fusion, this enables the users to access the information delivered from Project Creator to TaskTimer and to easily collaborate, work and monitor the progress of your business projects from anywhere in the world with access to internet
  • TaskTimer software in given release
  • a webserver equipped with Java SE Runtime Environment JRE6 Update 14 or newer (no matter if it is an IIS or a Tomcat)
  • valid JDBC-connectivity in between webserver and your TaskTimer database
  • at least one open TCP-port for communication in between TTWeb and TaskTimer database (fully configurable)

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Activity Mind Mapper the ultimate thinking tool it's been released, brainstorming by email, available to TT & non-TT users, 4 languages, English, German, French & Spanish, run a free trial
If you receive a message preventing you from downloding TT, ignore and continue

Licensing options

TTWeb can be used from Individuals up to large Organizations. There is no known limitation. Please remark: Each TTWeb user has to have a valid TaskTimer license! Trial time for internal testing proposals is granted at no cost.


For ORDERS please contact MOBIPRO (Europe) by mail on sales@mobipro.com or visit our webshop.