TaskTimer PIM

Take control with an achievable schedule

Organize your personal and professional life Schedule people and required resources

  • Access your data, daily, weekly and monthly plan, with printing facilities
  • Schedule appointments and manage tasks, documents, notes, contacts, contact tasks, events and emails
  • Review current pending, action emails by appointments, tasks, events and contact tasks

NEW features in TT PIM V11-download a free demo

  1. Synchronization to Outlook-transfer data from and to TaskTimer, synchronization varies depending on the existing version of Outlook
  2. TaskTimer Database Multiprocessor -More processing power, better response time, run multiple applications and multiple tasks within an application
  3. Archiving - 2 databases, one for archiving your finished activities to free-up space on your working db, with the ability to retrieve the information when you needed
  4. DROP BOX MENU - access from this menu goals, projects, tasks, contact tasks, events, emails,  message list and keep always informed on the status of your work
  5. 1 YEAR CALENDAR - From the calendar create events, appointments and tasks, 1 year search is not available in TTPIM
  6. EMAILS -Invite by email non TaskTimer users, send invitations from events and appointments, send emails from schedules, contacts, events and tasks


New products:

Activity Mind Mapper-The ultimate thinking tool, available to TT and non-TT users, students, individuals and corporations, brainstorming by email, capture ideas, information and actions for projects, check our webpage for more information or visit www.activitymindmapper.com   (TTPIM does not include project functionality)

Synex - connect to Exchange

TTScheduler- synch. to appointments, events, contact tasks, tasks and block reservations to iPhone 5/6/7 and all new Android-devices

Best way to know TT is to work with it!! download a free demo


Other features:

  1. With TaskTimer PIM-you can keep all your important information secure and private with encrypted password 
  2. Structured overviews of your pending for improved planning and resource management      
  3. Make use of referencing/tagging for later selections
  4. Add notes/MS office documents to your activities and decrease seaching time when you need these information again
  5. Book locations/equipment with your appointments. Drag & drop emails from TaskTimer to Outlook and viceversa, convert into activities
  6. Integrates with Skype® - Use built-in e-mail utility with no known virus-hassles
  7. Self-explaining wizards to help you quickly become familiar with the use of TaskTimer
  8. Includes an amount of tailored functions to help you save time
  9. Integrates well with other solutions, Outlook/Exchange, MS Office 
  10. Works with Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7/ 8/10 - 32/64bit environment

Optional synchronization to up-to-date mobile devices available


  1. UPGRADES: A variety of upgrades to new TaskTimer releases help you keep the investment secure. Upgrades from TTV2.0 to TTV60 require TTDB conversion from existing db to TTSQL DB, some notes and information can be lost in the process; no responsibility taken for loss of information 
  2. SECURITY: Data base stability and proven security. Dual password-protects the access to your data
  3. SUITABLE to: Individuals; works with XP, Vista, Windows 7/8/10 and 32-64bits-environments  
  4. REMOTE PRESENTATIONS FREE remote presentations available to individuals and groups all over the world, hassle free! 

Improve TT Database perfomance with TTDB Multiprocessor CONTACT US  



TASKTIMER Demo-FREE valid for 50 logins, to keep all the information entered on the demo you must purchase a permanent license before end of trial, for a free demo on TaskTimerWeb, TaskTimer Mobile, TaskTimer X-Cloud,Project Creator or more information contact us info@mobipro.com 

NOTE: Prices do not include transaction fee, this is the responsibility of the buyer

*** Archiving only works with TTSQL db   TIP! When your work is finish click “Done” (available in TT)

System requirements
  • Works with XP, Vista, W.7/8/10 and Surface Tablet
  • Administrative permissions to have a successful installation completed
  • 150MB of free space on your drive (size of database will increase by using TaskTimer)
  • Pentium IV or faster, 512MB RAM, more than 256 colors

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€ 65.00
Price x user - Contact us or place your order on the Webshop
Activity Mind Mapper it's been released visit: activitymindmapper.com
If you receive a message not to download TT, please ignore and continue

Licensing options

TaskTimer PIM-Agile is designed to be used by Individuals, only. Trial time for testing proposals is granted at no cost. Trial period can be unlocked by purchasing a valid TaskTimer PIM-license from our Webshop.


For ORDERS please contact MOBIPRO (Europe) by mail on sales@mobipro.com or visit our webshop.