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What is Mind Mapping, how does it work?

Mind maps help us to promote a creative thinking and to organize information.
A mind map is usually created around a single concept or idea with a circle or a box in the center, to which associated representations of ideas are added, such as images, words or numbers. Mind maps are a different way of taking notes, solving problems and brainstorming

What is Activity Mind Mapper?

Activity Mind Mapper is a visual thinking and data management tool that helps you to create, gather, process and manage information at individual, academic and corporate level.
Mind mapping for business How can Activity Mind Mapper help your business?
The use of visual diagrams can assist to identify the relationship between ideas and information.
You can bring together information from different sources and presented on a single view, so that all members of the team see the same picture.
Activity Mind Mapper can be used for planning, brainstorming, presentations and for collecting, organizing and uncovering new ideas, solving problems and mapping out resources.
Create a map and share it with your team by email
Evaluate, organize and identify priorities.
Define clearly the challenges you face at the start of the project.
Create connections between related tasks.
See how different projects impact each other.
Collaborate with others by email to develop plans, harness the input of all members of your group.
Visualize opportunities and risks for better decision making.
Use Activity Mind Mapper to start a business, for developments, risk management, promotions, pricing, innovation, marketing, business ideas, etc.
Add notes, links and attachments.
Export information to create a project in TaskTimer, manage it with the correct resources.
Create your marketing plan or set your goals for the year.
The key words used when mind mapping encourage clear and stimulating presentations.
Viewing all the elements of a problem in one place, facilitates creative association and integration.
 If you have an idea, write it down, if you wish to expanded, do it with Activity Mind Mapper!

Use it to plan all areas of your life
Writers use it to organize content for their book story & to break down the personality for each character
Create your weekly schedule, to-do list, to take notes, to set future plans or to expand your ideas. 
As your personal assistant, when you are raising money for charity or a school fete, you will soon realize how easy it is when you do it with Activity Mind Mapper
Academic use
Project collaboration for business and education providers
Make complex information simple and clear, see it as it should be> understandable! Create quotes for literature, or formulas for math. Use A. Mind Mapper for lectures, notes taking, essays, group or team assignments and research. AMM gives you a limitless expansion of ideas, helping you to keep them organized and meaningful. AMM acts as a trigger device for your creativity, encouraging your brain to produce ideas with complete freedom for you to manipulate and draw the connections between them.
Activity Mind Mapper for single and multi-user environments
Price does not include transaction fee, please add to the balance when applicable

How to create a map with Activity Mind Mapper

The main topic is your starting point and it is what you are going to explore, to start:
introduce a name to the main topic, add branches flowing from the main topic to create a sub-topic and as you continue to explore add more branches.

You can keep adding new branches without restrictions.
The ideas giving structure to your mind map will become easily as your brain continue to draw more associations from different concepts.

COLOR- use colors to link the visual with the logical, this helps your brain to create more associations and to categorize, highlight, analyze information and to identify connections.
ADD notes, attachments, links, icons, images, symbols, pictures, and flags to enhance your concepts and ideas, check progress and prioritize.
Grouping the information will provide you with an appropriate plan of action.
Download a free demo. More information on the use of A.MM available in “Help” if you can’t find the help you need, send us an email to

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Minimum technical requirements: Java in 64Bit, Version 1.8 or higher, Windows 7, 8.x or 10 and at least Intel i3-processor with 4GB RAM and Internet Connection
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